My journey to a better me

Have you ever got to a time in your life where you felt completely sorry for yourself, wondering why everything you do doesn’t work out the way you want it, knowing that you’re not where you thought you’d be at this point in life. I know I did. I remember the exact point in time, I lost enthusiasm at work, spent too many hours studying & working, didn’t go out of my way to socialise with friends, and had just had another relationship fail and I just felt down. I suffered with consistent eczema from my emotional state, this consequently led to restless nights which further exacerbated my well-being. I was so stressed & exhausted but denied it, I was the lowest weight I had been in 15 years and although I exercised and ate relatively well I wasn’t healthy, I wasn’t well. I was fortunate to have my family for support over those months... I shed a few tears with my parents and spent hours leaning on my sister but it was my brother who gave me the inspiration to do some volunteer work in Africa. The trip put me completely out of my comfort zone, travelling solo in a foreign environment and working with children who had a rough life. There were 2 children who I adored, Thurston and Amber… I cherished and made the most of the short time I spent with them. In Africa I meet some amazing people, such big hearts, huge dreams and so much enthusiasm. I was so grateful for the people I meet and the experiences I had during my travels. When I returned I caught up with friends and I reconnected with old friends and was told how happy and healthy I looked and I felt it.

During the trip I thought about pursuing a different career in health and nutrition. It had always been a passion of mine – I spent hours reading about the newest fads in health and nutrition, was addicted to health and fitness magazines, and loved eating anything with the words vegan or organic in it – and it tasted good too. However when I returned from Africa I felt nervous, I wasn’t ready to make that big decision to throw all my years of study and experience in Accounting, it just didn’t feel that it was the right time – I didn’t have the courage just yet.

And so I continued working and studying in a career that wasn’t motivating, didn’t make me happy and possibly contributed to my stress, and so travel became my inspiration, happiness and stress relief. I booked a holiday to the US, Mexico & Central America, 3 weeks I spent with two girlfriends in Hawaii, California & Las Vegas and another 2 months travelling solo. For those who have never traveled solo I say do it… you may feel completely out of your comfort zone at times but it gives you the opportunity to meet so many interesting and amazing people and experience things you would have never thought possible. This is where I meet Mike, a handsome witty Englishman travelling around The Americas for 9 months. We immediately clicked, he made me laugh, we talked about anything and everything and I could just be myself, I felt so comfortable and relaxed around him. We traveled for 2 months but I had to return home for work, although I planned to meet up with him again in South America. So I went home briefly, finished work and then flew out to Ecuador and meet Mike. For the next 4 months we laughed, talked, cried, experienced new things, seen wonderful places, meet amazing people, got ill from food we shouldn’t have ate but most of all enjoyed and cherished the time we spent together. Although we initially went home separately, it wasn't a surprise that Mike moved to Australia not long after.

When Mike arrived in Australia I was still working in Accounting and it wasn’t until about 1 ½ years later when I finally decided to do some study in health and wellness. I loved every minute of it. I was so excited and motivated. Although I had an initial interest in nutrition I found that I was drawn to stress management and positive psychology and had an overwhelming enthusiasm to learn more about meditation, so I pursued further study in meditation. I felt so much passion and love for what I was learning, the wellness coaching, positive psychology and meditation… it was inspirational, it was making a huge difference to my way of life. During this time Mike and I decided to travel around Australia for 5 months… so I resigned from my part-time Accounting job and took the opportunity to see and experience this beautiful country we live in.

And so this is where I am now… I’ve finished all my study, travelling around Australia with Mike, happy with life and super excited about the prospect of starting a new fulfilling and rewarding career where I can help others. My Africa trip was 5 years ago, so it’s been a long path to finally feeling happy and healthy with who I am, getting my career in order and looking forward to what the future holds.

I’ve learnt a lot of lessons during my journey - surround yourself with the people that you love and make you feel good about yourself, take the time to travel and experience the diversity of this beautiful world, appreciate what you have, make the most of what you have and if you want things to be better then be willing to make some major changes to your life. But most of all love yourself and have a happy & healthy mind it will make a world of difference to your life.