Meditation can significantly improve and maintain mental, physical and emotional health. The benefits of practicing meditation regularly are extensive and can include:

  • reducing stress and anxiety

  • better sleep

  • more energy

  • increased motivation

  • becoming more calm and relaxed

  • increased focus and concentration

  • developing mental awareness

  • improved self-esteem

  • reduction in blood pressure

  • decreasing muscle tension

Meditation Classes

Meditation classes are currently on hold as we are finding new premises.

To register for classes join my meetup group.

Inner Peace & Relaxation

  • Calming, stillness & relaxation of the mind and body

  • A combination of breathing & body scan to achieve a deep relaxed and calm state.

Mindfulness Meditation

  • Develop calmness, clarity and stillness through becoming aware of the present moment in a non-judgmental manner.

  • Meditation focused on present moment by awareness of the breath and focused attention to the sensations, thoughts, and emotions that arise.

Chakra Balancing

  • Harmonise & balance body’s energy

  • A combination of guided visualisation and mantra meditations.

Positive Energy Meditation

  • Feel more positive, happier and energised.

  • A combination of healing guided meditation and positive affirmations.