This 8 week program is ideal if you are wanting to start exploring the link between your mind and body, and you are ready to make changes to improve your health and well-being on a holistic level.

This program is for you:

  • You believe that your wellness is more than making the right food choices & exercising
  • You want to kick unhealthy habits and start making new healthy habits
  • You want to feel more positive and confident in life
  • You want to have a healthy work/life balance
  • You want to feel energised to enjoy life
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8 week program

What’s included?
✓  Wellness toolkit
✓  1 x initial wellness session
✓  3 x follow up sessions
✓  1 x final session
✓  Email/phone support throughout program

Plus extra material
✓ Recorded guided meditations
✓ How to break unhealthy habits guide
✓ Worksheets and information sheets tailored to your personal requirements
✓ Surveys & tests to guide your towards your wellness goals
✓ 10% discount on all future programs, workshops and consultations from A Better Me wellness

$475 AUD