You can live a life that you love… you can have a more positive, meaningful and fulfilled lifestyle. To feel balanced and complete. To truly feel connected within yourself and with the world around you.

What’s holding you back?

Our mind, body & soul are connected. When one, or more of these aspects are out of balance we find ill health, unhappiness and more often a life filled with dissatisfaction or failure. You’re frustrated because you know you’re falling short of your fullest potential… in health, in happiness and in life. But it’s not your fault.

Is this you?

  • Feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed

  • Negative thoughts and unhealthy behaviours consuming your energy

  • Self-limiting beliefs dictating your life

  • Having self-doubt and feeling disconnected with those around you

  • Can't shut your mind off at night

  • Constantly tired no matter what you try

  • Digestive or skin problems

Where wellness coaching fits in…

As your wellness coach I am here to listen to you, give you guidance, motivate and encourage you to reach your fullest potential, support and care for you in times of need, and challenge and push you forward in your journey to unlock your desires and discover the best version of yourself.

Working together we will clearly visualise not only the changes that you want to make, but why you want them and what’s stopping you from achieving them. We’ll explore aspects of your life that impact your well-being. I’ll give you the tools and techniques to enable you to reach the goals that you are most passionate about. Together, we’ll take the necessary steps forward to discover this better, healthier, happier & inspirational you.

My program takes a holistic approach to health and wellness and together we will align your mind, body & soul.

✔ Develop a positive mindset
✔ Live without stress and anxiety
✔ Free your mind from self-limiting beliefs & negative self-talk
✔ Calm and still your mind
✔ Understand how everything in your life impacts your well-being

✔ Look and feel confident in your own body
✔ Practice self-compassion and truly care for yourself
✔ Kick unhealthy habits and develop new healthy habits
✔ Feel energised to eat right and get active
✔ Have a healthy work/life balance

✔ Discover your true passions & desires
✔ Be motivated to be your best self
✔ Feel connected within yourself and the world around you
✔ Be inspired to live the life you love
✔ Make changes to live a fulfilled and satisfying life


Mind Body Soul

12 week program

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Mind Body

8 week program


Wellness Coaching

General wellness coaching - pay per session