Millbridge WA

Enjoyed a lovely day learning new skills and meeting new people. 
Meditations were great and workshop help to think of things in a different light.
Thank you Kelsie

Bunbury WA

A wonderful workshop with lots of useful tips providing focus. I Left feeling uplifted and enjoyed the company of our host Kelsie and the lovely group of Like minded people. Thank you.

Bunbury WA

A thoroughly informative and engaging workshop which provided me the tools to maintain a positive mindset and overall wellness.

Donnybrook WA

At WAPRES we engaged Kelsie to do a one day tailored Wellness and Mindfulness Workshop for our department. Kelsie was a wealth of knowledge and spoke from personal experience which resonated with the participants - it wasn't just a theoretical presentation. Stress in the workplace is an often undetected and an underated distraction to performance. Kelsie gave simple tools to identify stress and techniques to help mitigate them and make a happier me. I highly recommend corporates look seriously at this increasing phenomenon in the workplace and engage services such as those provided by Kelsie and her business to ensure we have happier, healthier and hence productive workplaces.

Bunbury WA

Kelsie is a great presenter, confident and has a wealth of knowledge. I learnt a great deal during her presentation; I learnt what didn't work, what does work and how I can improve on what I did know!! I've already taken many things away from this workshop and believe it will improve my precariously balanced Work-Study-Travel lifestyle! Thank you again!!